The quotation is only considered accepted once signed and is paid in full.

The Quotation above is valid for 7 days from the date issued and depends on external factors pertaining to market fluctuations in the import industry, which is beyond our direct control. The supplier undertakes to inform the customer of any such fluctuations if applicable.

The supplier undertakes to inform the customer of any changes in prices quoted as referred to as soon as the supplier becomes aware of same, where after the customer will be required to accept the new quotation.

Orders for special order goods are binding on the customer once the supplier has honoured the order and manufacturing of the goods have started or material has been purchased, in which case orders cannot be cancelled partially/ wholly.

The Client understands and accepts that it has the primary responsibility of giving clear and unequivocal instructions and specifications to the Supplier before any goods are purchased/services are rendered or instructions are given to manufacture the goods. Should the customer provide the incorrect specifications or measurements him/herself, 1-Stop Roofing cannot be held responsible for incorrect size or features of the material / part.

Any agreed alterations requested in design, quantity or specification and any suspension of work occasioned thereby will involve adjustment to the price quoted, if the cost to us is affected thereby.

If a quotation change after site measurements, the client needs to confirm the changes made and accept the amended quotation before work will commence.

Delivery times and fees shall be communicated to the client Every effort will be made to carry out the contract based on this tender and specification, but if the performance thereof is subject to variation or cancellation owing to strikes, lock-outs, fire, flood, or any other causes beyond our control, We cannot accept any liability contingent or otherwise in respect of such variation or cancellation.

1-Stop Roofing reserves the right not to make any choices with regard to colour choices when powder coating of a product is requested and client should ensure that they choose the correct colour and shade before work commence as 1-Stop Roofing can not be held responsible for incorrect colour choices.

In the event of a customer purchasing material for the purpose of re-selling or installation of same, 1-Stop Roofing will not be held responsible for any failure, defects or claims as a result of negligence, misuse or abuse or incorrect installation of the material or part. Due to the specialised nature of the product it is required to have properly trained / knowledgeable persons with sufficient product knowledge use / install the specific supplied items.

We would like to inform you that we will supply the highest standards of excellence in repairing the customer’s goods as well as providing safe storage facilities for the duration of repairs.

The owner should be aware that in the case of loss or damage of the item occurring whilst on our premises, due to natural disasters, fire or theft as well as any external factor beyond the direct control of 1-Stop Roofing, we cannot be held responsible.

I will not claim a refund or remedy and I accept full responsibility should the goods be damaged due to misuse, abuse, or gross negligence on my part. I also accept that these foregoing factors will vitiate my warrantee and/ or guarantee.

I do however accept that should the goods have a defect, failure or hazard, I will immediately inform the supplier and promptly claim my remedy. Pertaining to the fact that the supplier has provided warnings and safety instructions in advance, I accept that when handling the goods I must comply with these instructions. Non-compliance with these instructions will vitiate my warranty.

We guarantee the specifications of each material purchased is as communicated. To be a valid claim, the return must be supported by the original tax invoice.

The supplier reserves the right to institute the necessary legal proceedings in the event of non-payment, which will entitle the supplier to repossess goods supplied/ installed.

All costs incurred(legal and any other including client/attorney costs) by the supplier in order to repossess goods, trace the customer and/or good and collection commission will be for the account of the consumer The customer agrees that interest as stipulated by the Interest Act may be charged on all monies (outstanding & arrears) due in terms of this agreement.

In the event of the consumer being a private company or closed corporation, the authorised person hereby binds him/herself to be collectively and separately liable for payment of the outstanding amount due to 1-Stop Roofing.

Installations of all parts repaired/manufactured MUST be installed by a qualified person to do so. I, the undersigned, the duly authorized representative of the customer, hereby accept the quotation:


1.1 The Client shall have the right to inspect /examine the goods and raise any immediate objections during examination.
1.2 Notwithstanding the opportunity to examine the completed works, the Client shall be entitled within 24 hour to report to the Supplier any defects (structural or otherwise) on the goods supplied by the Supplier.
1.3 The supplier guarantees the material specifications.
1.4 Damages caused as a result of misuse, abuse or gross negligence (included but not limited to incorrect transportation or installation)on behalf of the client, we can not be held responsible.
1.5 The aforesaid warranty is subject thereto that the goods supplied by the supplier have not been altered contrary to any instruction of the supplier after leaving the supplier’s control.
1.6 Ownership in respect of the goods supplied shall vest in the supplier until the full payment thereof is received, notwithstanding delivery of the goods to the client.
1.7 The risk in goods supplied shall pass to client on acceptance of delivery by the client.
1.8 The maximum prescribed interest rate permitted shall be charged on all overdue amounts, calculated from the date the payment is due to the date when payment is actually received by the supplier
1.9 Supplier can not be held responsible for any losses , injury or theft on our premises.
1.10 Be care while handling our products it is sharp and hard.