Why Choose Steel Roofing?

As a home or business owner, it can be a real headache when a roof needs to be replaced. There are a wide variety of roofing materials to choose from on the market today. Which one would be right for you and your property? The choice is a difficult one to make.

Steel, asphalt, wood and tile are all common roofing materials and each comes with its own positive features and negative drawbacks. However, steel roofing will offer you the best overall protection for your money. Steel also holds several other benefits that are excellent to keep in mind when considering a new roof for your structure.

Steel roofing is a fast-growing trend in home and business improvement. These roofs are not what they used to be and now with their modern technological features, they have become a homeowner’s dream with a load full of benefits that the other types of roofing just cannot offer, nor will even try. This is because of the incredible benefits that they offer to residential and commercial structures.

Our top favourite reasons to use steel roofing on all roofs are listed below. Once you install one, you will love it for these reasons plus more of your own.

1. Life Expectancy


Steel roofing can have the same longevity as the house itself if it properly installed. A roof should seal out water and the elements. It should be durable to stand up to years of abuse from the sun and the rigours of time. Steel roofing proves to be the winner again and again. Steel roofing is so sturdy and durable that most companies will offer a warranty on it that can last for 20-50 years.

This is huge savings and benefit to homeowners looking to reroof with quality materials that will stand strong as long as their house does. No one wants to have to reroof more than once.

2. Safety


Steel roofs offer a long list of safety benefits. They are fire resistant and noncombustible. Usually, they have a Class A fire rating (Class A being the more resistant to flames). They are also nearly indestructible in rain and snow. This is due to their interlocking panel construction that makes the surface tight, durable and slippery to allow the snow to fall off.

In the case of snow, dark coloured steel roofs will melt the snow faster to decrease accumulation. This interlocking system also makes steel roofing the best protection in maximum winds. Steel roofs are resistant to mildew, rot and the insect infestation that can devastate other types of roofing.

3. Weight


Compared to other roofing materials, steel is lightweight which offers far less stress on the frame of the structure decreasing the risk of roof cave ins. Tile roofs can weigh 750 pounds per 100 square feet. Concrete time weighs at 900 pounds for the same measurement.

Steel, on the other hand, weighs from 50-150 pounds per the 100 square feet area. This low weight offers not the only state of the art roof protection but also helps to preserve the structural strength and integrity of your home, keeping it from breakage and weakness that other structures endure due to a heavy roof.

4 . Easily Installed


Certain kinds of steel roofing materials can be laid over an existing roof without tearing the old away. You will also not have to add more support structures to hold up the steel roof because it is lightweight. Most steel roofing comes in multiple shingle sections or panels measuring 12-36 inches wide. These can be installed very easily and quickly with the aid of an experienced roofing contractor.

Most steel roofing materials can be easily installed on pitched roofs without creating a risk for leaks. For an aesthetically pleasing feature, steel roofs can be installed with concealed fasteners that will also further help to weather tight the roof to the structure.

Steel roofing is just an all-around great idea for your property. With benefits such as longevity, durability, easy instalment and lower energy bills, how can you go wrong?