Why Farmers Need Metal Farm Gates

Farm gates are extremely important to the success of the operation. They keep the livestock in and the unwanted out. They allow the farmer to maintain control of the animals while manoeuvring large working vehicles on and off the property. Farmers know their gates and what they need. Gates are used for main or rear entrances, pastures, pens, or orchards, gates are a staple of life and they need to be sturdy to do the job effectively.

Farm gates go through a lot of abuse and they need to hold up to the rigours of the elements, the livestock and heavy-duty use. Farm gates are important and they need to be made from the right materials to suit your day to day operation. Farm gates are made from wood or metal.

The best is metal. Gates need to be sturdy and strong livestock is more apt to break through wooden gates than metal. Gates need to be heavy, and long lasting all of which are perfectly suited for metal.

Metal farm gates are made from either aluminium or steel. Each metal has its own pros and cons. When looking for a great gate for your property, do your research and pick the metal that will give your gate the benefits that you are looking for in strength and durability. Here are a few tips for each type of metal to help you decide:



This metal is a popular pick because it is lightweight. It is also the least expensive. It is also more resistant to corrosion and rust than steel. Because it is light weight, it is not as sturdy as steel. This metal will be great for decorative or secondary gates but as main gates that see a lot of the action, it is best to go with steel.



This metal is the toughest that you can get for farm gates. They are hard for the livestock to damage because of their strength. Steel gates are now coated with a special powder to make them rust resistant. They also come galvanized with a zinc coating for added protection against wear and tear. With the right maintenance, these gates can last for many years. There are different farm gates made for specific uses within the property. The most popular gates are:

Livestock Gates


These are the popular metal gates consisting of five to seven horizontal metal bars that are joined together by three to five vertical bars. They can be made with metal tubing to be lightweight, or from heavier metal for a more durable gate.

Cattle Gates


These are really not gates in the traditional sense. They are called cattle guards and do the work of a gate in that cows do not want to cross them. These “gates”, are also called cattle guards. They are comprised of a metal grate like a gate that lays flat on the ground typically over a ditch.

There is a gap in the fence where a typical gate would be for people to walk through and cars or trucks to drive through but livestock does not like to cross the cattle guard for fear of getting their feet stuck between the bars. These structures are made of metal tubing with the bars set just enough apart for livestock to not cross. If this type of gate is used, then another more traditional gate should be put up at another opening in the pasture for them to safely cross through.

Field Gates


These gates are long and strong. They are made to go across a wide expansion typically at a field entrance, to allow large working vehicles to enter and exit. They are constructed like the livestock gates but with extra supportive bars and braces.

Tube Gates


These metal gates are made from hollow tubing. This makes them lighter weight than traditional gates. It also makes them easier to install because they do not need such large posts for support.

Metal farm gates are crucial to a successful farming or ranching operation. Metal gates take the long days of heavy work. They stand strong through changing weather: rain, snow, and high winds along with the beating heat of summer.

A quality gate can last for decades without needing to be replaced. A quality gate is made by experienced craftsmen who know how to make quality products. A quality made gate will be with you throughout your enterprise and last you for many years to come.